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    Located on an idyllic beach facing the South China Sea and backed by virgin rainforest lies Riverview. This peaceful location offers you the chance to truly reconnect with both yourself and the natural environment.

    Relax on the beach, swim the turquoise seas, explore the jungle or get 'hands on' with one of our conservation projects. Riverview offers you the chance to spend some time experiencing the superb location that is offered by the wildlife reserve and marine park that surrounds us.

    Situated at the Northernmost end of Juara Bay, we are fortunate enough to overlook the beach to the front and the river and jungle to the rear. This is surely one of the most beautiful locations on Tioman island.

    Please spend the time to browse our website, it will not only give you an idea of the wonderful location but also a little of what we are trying to do in order to conserve it. If you have any questions at all please let us know.

    Thank you.

  • Barook Riverview and Juara Beach

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  • A small taste of onshore wildlife

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  • A small taste of offshore wildlife

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  • FAQ

    Please see below for a brief answer to many questions. If you have a different question or want more info please email us from the 'Contacts' page, thanks.

    How to get here

    Daily flights are available with Berjaya Air, from (and to) both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. A ferry service runs regularly from Mersing on the mainland (see our Tioman location page for more details). Drivers are available at the airport or jetty to pick you up and transport you to Juara.

    How do I book?

    Please contact us from the 'Contacts' page with your requests and we'll respond as soon as we can. We do request a confirmation from yourselves when the details have been finalised to help us to organise our vacancies.

    Do you provide food?

    With the availability of good local beach restaurants just a short stroll away, we find it unnecessary to provide our own food service. This has the additional benefit of providing an income to the local villagers. Food in the local restaurants is cheap and of a good standard.

    Is the location child friendly?

    Absolutely! Although we are in quite a 'wild' area there is minimum risk to you or your children. In all of the time we have been here, we have had no incidents of injury to any child. I would suggest that this is a great place to bring your children to allow them to experience and enjoy the natural environment. We get many families visiting us here.

    Do you take credit / debit cards?

    To our knowledge nobody in Juara takes card payments. Cash is the usual payment method. There are currently facilities in Juara to change foreign currency into Malaysian Ringits but this cannot be guaranteed. Your best option is to bring enough of the local currency.

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    Barook Riverview Resort,
    Juara Beach, Tioman Island

    Telephone:+60 (0)19419 3168

    Mobile:+60 (0)19730 55047

    E-mail: riverviewjuara@hotmail.com

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  • Privacy Policy

    All text and images contained within this website are the property of Juara Riverview. Please feel free to use them as you wish, we only ask that you contact us first.

    E-mail: riverviewjuara@hotmail.com

  • Ethos

    At the forefront of our projects ethos lies the belief that tourism can be approached in a responsible manner, without any impact to our guest's enjoyment of their holiday.

    The sustainable defence of the natural environment is our principal aim. This is (we believe) best approached by understanding human ecology and it's requirements. Development of the area is unfortunately inevitable. High impact, destructive development however is not.

    To this aim we have strived to show that a business can be successful and satisfying without the requirement to develop a standard platform that inevitably leads to a high environmental and social impact. By encouraging responsible, sustainable development and economic ideals we hope to help ensure that Juara remains a place of beauty and not a short term profit generator for exterior investors.

    Operating (by choice) as a principally non profit making organisation, monies are invested back into our conservation efforts. Riverview itself sits on approximately 1 acre of a nine acre site. The remaining 8 acres are uninhabited and are saved from the aggressive developers grip by our interaction. All land is rented giving the local villagers a secured income without the need for overdevelopment of this beautiful location. Just by staying with us you are helping to fund this economic model and keep Juara beautiful.

    Our partners in this endeavour are our conservation project - The Juara Turtle Project and our outdoor education facility - Juara Lagoon (Our Little Planet), more can be found on these projects on this website by following the drop down menu or the links below.

    The Juara Turtle Project

    Juara Lagoon

  • Location

    Tioman Island lies just 2 degrees north of the equator in the beautiful South China Sea.

    32 nautical miles off the East Coast of Malaysia in the Pahang (East Coast) region of the Mersing Marine Park, the island is simple to get to either by air or ferry

    Berjaya Air run daily flights from both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur using Dash 7 Turboprops. This is often the quickest way to get to the island if coming from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

    A regular ferry service runs from Mersing on the mainland. This is especially handy for those carrying larger amounts of baggage. Details can be found by telephoning Blue Water Express on +607 - 799 4811/ 799 8518 or from online ticket agents.

    Both the planes and ferries come into Tekek on the west coast. From here it is just a short car ride to Juara.

  • History

    Tioman Island's history is one of traders, pirates and wartime occupation.

    The first mention of the island can be found in the Arabic Akbar as Sin wa'l Hind (Tales of China and India), written sometime before 1000AD, where it is noted as a source of fresh water for ships travelling through the South China Sea. Later, in the 7th century it was used as a hideout for the Orang Laut (sea gypsies) who were traders and / or pirates as they deemed suitable.

    Trading continued with Arabs, Chinese and Dutch traders using the island until the 18th century when piracy took hold. The pirates (mainly from Northern Borneo) were brutally efficient. It is estimated that island's population was reduced from 2,000 to approximately 100 during this period. Then finally to zero, during a piracy campaign that resulted in the abduction of many, whilst the remainder fled. Eventually, the intervention by British warships halted the piracy threat.

    During the Second World War the island was occupied by the Japanese and a small base settled. The surrounding waters were laden with mines by the British Navy and eventually the Japanese surrendered. Relics of the war still remain on the sea bed with British, Dutch and Japanese ships lying in peace in the deep waters.

    The island was gazetted as a wildlife reserve in 1972 and the surrounding seas as a marine park in 1994. Modern day Tioman is a haven of peace and tranquility, the pirates have long gone.

  • Climate

    Due to it's proximity to the equator, Tioman Island experiences just two real seasons, monsoon and 'not monsoon'.

    The normal holiday period runs from the end of February through to the end of September, when hot days interspersed with brief showers are the norm. However, even during Monsoon season, the visitor can expect to see many sunny days and temperatures in the mid twenties.

    Normally calm and placid, the seas can swell during the peak of the monsoon season. This has proven to be a draw for surfers and those who like their water sports a little more adventurous.

    High season, June - August, remains mostly sunny with the occasional short shower customary for the rain forest. Expect days of sunshine, crystal clear waters and golden, sandy beaches.

    Please note that the local weather forecasts are usually pessimistic and for some reason always tend to show the showers and rather than the sun!

  • Accommodation

    Surrounded by the jungle, river and beach with fantastic views on all sides, our chalets almost guarantee a relaxed nights sleep as you are lulled by the lapping of the waves on the beach. The surrounding rainforest adds to the feeling of seclusion and environmental beauty.

    Built in the Malay Kampong style and blending seamlessly with the homes of the friendly locals living nearby, the accommodation benefits from the generations of experience gained from using traditional designs. The design allows for the sea breeze to circulate to cool and relax, removing the need for energy consuming air conditioning (thus negating an unnecessary increase in our carbon footprint). The local villagers have used this style of building for centuries for a reason! Fans are provided to help increase cooling if necessary but we find that these are rarely required as the traditional design really does work well.

    All chalets offer clean, basic accommodation. We are not a 'five star' resort and have no wish to be so, believing that everything you need to enjoy the enchanting natural environment does not have to include the 'all mod cons' approach, which can be so destructive to both the environment and your connection with it.

  • Site map

  • Beach Chalets

    Opening directly onto the beach and the beautiful South China Sea, staying here is an unforgettable, idyllic experience. All chalets have private verandas from which to relax and unwind.

    We have two large beach chalets and one slightly smaller one, all will easily accommodate a family if required.

    Price per night, Large chalet, (based on two people): 150MR

    Price per night, Smaller chalet, (based on two people): 120MR

    Price for additional occupancy (per person per night): 50RM

    For all enquiries regarding these chalets please contact us here.

  • River Chalets

    Opening onto the river at the back, these chalets offer outstanding views of the river, hills and jungle from their verandas. A great place to have a morning coffee and watch the morning wildlife as the island comes to life. A beach location with the added beauty of the river and jungle, the best of both worlds.

    Price per night (based on two people): 120RM

    Price for additional occupancy (per person per night): 50RM

    For all enquiries regarding these chalets please contact us here.

  • Mara (Longhouse) Chalets

    Set very slightly back from the beach amongst beautiful trees and flowers these chalets are particularly popular with families and groups.

    Price per night (based on two people): 120RM

    Price for additional occupancy (per person per night): 50RM

    For all enquiries regarding these chalets please contact us here.

  • The Juara Turtle Project

    Focussing predominantly on the plight of Green and Hawksbill turtles, once bountiful in this area but now endangered, our activities include both the practical and the educational. Run by dedicated individuals assisted by volunteers, our aim is to increase awareness to both visitors and the local population of the delicate balance between man and the environment.

    Development of the beach threatens the future of all aspects of the local ecology. Promoting responsible development and conservation of the environment to all parties has become our primary objective. If this is unachievable then this paradise will soon be lost forever.

    This year we have decided to expand our efforts to include the wider land and marine environments, including coral monitoring programs run in conjunction with Reef Check Malaysia. This will be ongoing as we learn how best to proceed and where we can be most effective.

    For further information on The Juara Turtle Project please use the link below:

  • Juara Lagoon

    Working closely with teams from The Juara Turtle Project and Riverview, Juara Lagoon is an outdoor education centre for all age groups. We offer the chance to experience all manner of activities on the beach, in the sea, in the jungle but most of all we offer lots of fun!

    As with all of our work the activities are geared towards a respect for and an understanding of the natural environment. This is an ideal place to have fun whilst increasing teamwork, leadership and self confidence skills.

    The centre is run by a team of enthusiastic professionals gathered from around the world, aiming to give a service and safety record that is second to none. Currently activities are run for school groups, speciality groups and summer camps.

    If you would like more information on Juara Lagoon then please click the link below:

  • Activities

    Relax in a beach hammock, explore local coral reefs, trek through the rain forest or canoe up the river. It's completely up to you as to how active you wish to be. The beach and jungle environments offer a wealth of possibilities for either relaxation or adventure to suit your requirements.

    Our personal interests include diving, photography and the natural environment. We are always on hand to help, provide local information and advice, especially on these matters.

    We have several conservation projects both on land and at sea which we run out of The Juara Turtle Project (located a short stroll down the beach). If you find yourself with spare time on your hands and want to get involved, then you will be very welcome to help out at whatever level you feel comfortable with. The turtle project is a popular attraction and is worth a visit even if you don't want to get your hands dirty!

    Evening entertainment is not provided, this is a place to relax and reconnect with yourself and the natural environment, those seeking a beach party or a karaoke machine really would be better served elsewhere.


    Activities Overview

    Relax in a beach hammock, snorkel or dive on the local reefs, trek through the rain forest or canoe up the river. It's completely up to you as to how active you wish to be. The beach and jungle environment offers a wealth of possibilities for either relaxation or adventure to suit your requirements.

    Our personal interests include diving, photography and the natural environment. We are always on hand to help, provide local information and advice especially on these matters. Please see our other pages for more information about these subjects.

    Evening entertainment is not provided, this is a place to relax and reconnect with yourself and the natural environment, those seeking a beach party or a karaoke machine would be better served elsewhere!



    Tioman Island offers a wealth of diving possibilities. The clear turquoise seas and coral beds, abundant with marine life provide an unforgettable experience. From shallow beach dives to deeper ocean reefs it's a superb environment, available to enjoy for all levels of diving ability.

    Our dive center (aptly named The Juara Bay Dive Centre) is located further down the beach. We run regular trips to the islands main dive sites but also specialise in marine ecosystem appreciation and conservation. Local dive sites offer the chance to see pristine reefs that are virtually undived by any other groups who traditionally .

    We offer PADI qualified dive instruction and trips to both the main dive sites, as well as a few secret ones of our own, from our dive centre located at Juara Lagoon. Our dive centre manager has over ten years experience of diving the island so you are guaranteed a great time.



    What more could a wildlife or landscape photographer require than the possibilities provided by the rich biodiversity and stunning landscape provided by our location?

    From majestic sea eagles to the smallest critter and underwater photography, we love it all and are on hand to help any enthusiast. We don't claim to be photography experts, just keen amateurs with a good local knowledge and experience of the conditions. If you have the time (and the patience) we can take you with us to one of our jungle hides where you can get the opportunity to see close up the local jungle wildlife.

    Again we strongly encourage a responsible approach amongst our guests to all of our activities, photography included. This is beneficial to both the wildlife and the potential for a great image. Correct field craft and absolutely minimising our impact is a must, it is our privilege to be in this environment and our duty to protect it is imperative.

    Although we do not currently provide camera equipment we do have a laptop with both Lightroom and Photoshop available for those wishing to process their images.



    Living in such an environment as this, it is impossible not to feel a responsibility towards it. This goes further than just an appreciation of a responsible approach towards our personal interests.

    The preservation of the whole environment is key to the longevity of any individual species, Tioman has a huge biodiversity and the interaction between the different species cannot be overlooked.

    The development of the beach from outside parties interested in a profit margin rather than the preservation of the location is a constant threat, which we do our best to combat. In doing this we must take into account the needs of the local villagers who rely on tourism for their income (it is after all their village, not ours). A program of inclusion, education of alternatives to development and financial feedback into the local population helps us to slow development. The Juara Turtle Project is a key element in our approach towards conservation. Charlie, the director of the project is always heavily involved with the continued attempt to preserve the beautiful environment in which we are so lucky to be located.

  • Guestbook

    Please see below for comments from our guests. If you would like to add a comment after your stay here please email it to us and we'll include it, thanks.

    "Paradise on earth." - Sarah & Armand, Singapore

    "Yet another fantastic time in Riverview, nothing changed and hopefully won't.... I'll be back." - Roman Duval, France

    "What a magical place! Lovely set up and great hosts." - Amallie & Matt, India

    "We will always keep this place in our hearts, the jungle trail is out of this world. Nature is our future. Thank you for your wonderful thinking and sharing it with us." - Marcel & Melanie, Germany

    "Thanks, from the start we felt very welcome." - Raymond & family, Holland

    "Amazing! beautiful! Great hosts, keep up the great work." - Naomi & Gareth, UK

    "Thank you for these great days, the atmosphere here is unique." - Barbara, Germany

    "Excellent hosts, great concept, wonderful nature." - Prajjal & Parizad, Singapore

    "The perfect place for a honeymoon." - Hanna & Lasse ,Finland

    "What a great place to stay, we'll keep in touch about the Turtle project." - Jacco de Weeid, Netherlands

    "Absolutely spectacular, we will be back." - Chris & Cecilia, Singapore